Forward in Good Faith

a manifesto of personal comportment


Calm, composed, and intent

despite all manner

of diversion and distraction

I will be,

as – still within –

I navigate the hubbub

ever nearing my destination.


With candor and grace,

courtesy and compassion,

empathy and tolerance,

I shall endeavor to respect all,

stopping short only

of compromising my principles

or relinquishing my free will.


Knowing my own mind,

in my scruples secure,


I will assert my views

attentive ever to

and considerate ever of

others’ beliefs.


Focusing on my own fortunes,

my aspirations and progress theretoward,

by my own notions of success

I will proceed

mindful of others’ circumstances,

of differing goals and assessments

without undue juxtaposition.


Wary of treachery and deceit, but bearing in mind

the essential decency and admirable struggles

of most people,

I’ll go my course

striving to be genuine,

true to myself and authentic to others

and to age with some aplomb while cleaving to the light.


The same firm tenderness

which I wish

to show to all

I shall bestow upon myself,

recalling always

that accepting oneself and embracing life

make kindness to others come naturally.


In the face of misgivings regarding the ways of the world,

fully aware of inequity and egregious injustice,

opportunism and sheer villainy,

I will cultivate hope and even optimism

remembering the giants on whose shoulders I stand

and giving thanks to the higher power.


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